December 7, 2021 10:20 am

Beaumont Area EIB #38

December 7, 2021
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To: All BMRF/B&P Employees

This bulletin is responsive to rumored lies from the USW which claim 1) that the Company has refused to meet with the Union for bargaining sessions and 2) that the Company does not have an offer on the table available for ratification.

USW Lie No. 1: The Company has refused to meet with the USW.

The Company has always fulfilled its obligation to meet with the Union upon request and has never refused to meet with the Union. To date, the Company and the Union have had 50+ formal sessions with both parties’ full bargaining committees, the most recent of which was on October 27. The last sidebar discussion with both parties’ lead negotiators was on November 1. Unfortunately, as we told the Union at the end of these discussions, the Company and the Union are no closer to an agreement than we have been at an any other point in time in the last 10 months. Since that time, it appears the Union has been focusing their efforts on trying to prevent employees from voting and engaging in other non-bargaining tactics.

As always, the Company will fulfill its obligation to meet at mutually agreeable times and locations; however, it is a fact that the USW has not requested to meet since November 1.

USW Lie No. 2: The Company does not have an offer on the table.

The Company’s offer (inclusive of November 1 modifications) will remain on the table and available for ratification until the Company decides to withdraw it or issue a new offer; however as we have repeatedly stated in bargaining sessions, the USW bargaining committee has not compelled the Company to issue a revised offer at this time.

Union Leadership may also claim that they cannot bring the current offer to its members, because it was previously rejected. This is not true. The Workman’s Committee may not like the Company’s offer, but the fact is that the offer is still available for ratification.

As a reminder, the Company will end the lockout when one of the two below options are achieved.  

Option 1: Signed, Ratified Agreement

If the Company and the Union were to reach a ratified agreement, the Company would work with the Union to establish a return to work agreement and return USW-represented employees to the site, ending the lockout. In order to reach a ratified agreement, the Union membership must vote yes through a ratification vote.  We encourage all employees interested in voting on this offer to reach out to their Union leadership to receive information on any planned Union meetings.

Option 2: Decertification of the Union or Withdrawal of Recognition

The NLRB is currently conducting a vote to determine if our employees wish to continue to be represented by the USW. If the Union is decertified through this vote, employees would no longer be represented by the USW, and the Company would return employees to work. In the NLRB’s election, we encourage employees to Vote No for No Union before December 22!

Employees may also consider signing the decertification petition in addition to voting “no.” If the majority of employees sign the petition, the law allows the Company to withdraw recognition from the USW immediately without an election even if ballots are later impounded. Following withdrawal of recognition, the Company would return employees to work.


As always, please let us know if you have any questions. You can find more information at