November 19, 2021 2:35 pm

Decertification Update – November 19, 2021

November 19, 2021
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To: All Represented BMRF/B&P Employees

It has come to the Company’s attention that the USW has begun visiting the home addresses of our employees. This is another Union intimidation tactic.

You have chosen to have a voice, and the law protects your right to choose whether you want to be represented by a union. That’s why the NLRB goes to great lengths to protect your anonymity in their elections. The NLRB has already mailed packages to your home addresses which include: two envelopes, a secret ballot card, along with mail-in instructions. This is to allow you to vote in the privacy of your own home without the USW looking over your shoulder.

Unfortunately, this is unsurprising behavior from a Union that has spent the last month making false claims, calling employees to ask if they signed the decertification petition, and organizing with an activist organization whose platform includes putting us out of business rather than negotiating an agreement that would get you back to work.

What Can You Do to Protect Your Vote?

Don’t wait. We encourage all employees to vote as soon as they get their ballot cards from the NLRB, and while we respect all employees’ rights to choose if they want to be represented, we hope you give union-free status a chance and Vote No for No Union!

And, remember, the Union has said they seek to delay the vote count, so please consider signing the petition in addition to mailing in your ballot.  The Union will not know how you vote and will not know if you sign the petition.

Additionally, if you have not received your ballot, please contact the NLRB Region 16 Office at (817) 978-2921.

Any questions related to the employee led decertification effort can be submitted to Beaumont Area HR Department at